Tanning Tips from Brantford’s Stand N Tan

With over 20 years of experience in the tanning industry, Brantford-based Stand N Tan knows a thing or tan about tanning properly. We’ve gathered together some tips here so that you can get the best tan possible.

A Great Tan Depends on Your Skin Type

When it comes to tanning, there are six different skin types. To develop the best tanning schedule for you, first, determine your skin type to go by the recommended tanning time. The skin types include:

Type 1: This skin type cannot tan without burning. The best tanning option for this skin type is a self-tanning lotion that can give you a bronze tone without the risk of burning.

Type 2: If you have this skin type, it can be difficult for you to tan without burning. Start slow – your recommended starting time for tanning is 3-4 minutes.

Type 3: Medium to olive skin tans gradually, but it can burn. Pay attention to how your skin feels and reacts so you don’t risk overexposure. Your recommended starting time for tanning is 4-5 minutes.

Type 4: This skin type tans easily and burns rarely. Your recommended starting time for tanning is 6-7 minutes.

Type 5: With brown to dark brown skin, you can tan very easily and your risk of burning is very low. Your recommended starting time for tanning is 8-9 minutes.

Type 6: Dark brown skin tans very easily and the risk of burning is very low. Developing a deep tan is easy for you, and your recommended starting time for tanning is 10 minutes.

Unsure about the best tanning method for your skin type? Please book an appointment at Stand N Tan, and we can help you find a tanning approach that will protect and enhance your skin.

Protect Yourself with Eye Goggles

Eye goggles protect your delicate eyes from the UV light of tanning beds and booths. If you are tanning outside, wear sunglasses with UV protection.

To Get a Darker or Longer-lasting Tan, Moisturise Well

Everyone’s skin has a tanning threshold. After this point, your skin may not get any darker, even if you’ve been tanning. Since tanning thickens your skin, you can try using indoor tanning on your skin to make your skin cells more translucent and susceptible to the UV light. Moisturizing will help prolong your tan as well. If you shower and moisturize right after your tanning session, this will also help to maintain your tan. Be cautious that your skin may have reached the limit of its melanin production, and this is the darkest you can go. Ask the staff at your tanning salon for the best lotion to use.

Keep Using SPF Lotion While Tanning Outside

Your tanned skin does not give you enough protection against the sun. Wearing SPF lotion when you are exposed to the sun prevents you from getting sunburned, which can damage your skin and ruin your tan.

If you are tanning indoors, you do not need SPF while you are in a tanning bed or booth. SPF is not used because we moderate your tanning process in order to keep you from burning. If you are tanning outdoors, be sure to reapply your sunscreen lotion often to protect against sunburn.

For more specific concerns, please contact Stand N Tan or book an appointment with us today!

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